Sunday, October 28, 2018

Open Day at Hamanatua - Actions Speak Louder than Words!

We are off to a rolling start for term 4!!  The weather was spot on for us as we headed down to Hamanatua for our Open Day.  It was great to see whanau and friends come along to share our Learning Journey.

Each work team stood and shared their part in the Hamanatua Inquiry - everyone did a fantastic job of sharing their journey with this project.  Ka mau te wehi!!!

It was wonderful to receive so much positive feedback from visitors.  Here is an e-mail from Koka Sue ...
Kia ora Koka Jo and Room 1!

I was so glad that I came down to the Hamanatua Stream yesterday and that I caught most of your presentation. WOW - I was absolutely blown away by your confidence and the knowledge you had acquired from your Inquiry learning. I loved the way you had obviously engaged with the community and that your voices are being heard not just locally but at regional council level too. 

You spoke as experts and it seemed like everyone was involved. Walking around the area I thought Hamanatua looks great! The pamphlet was fantastic as it made me think back to what it was like must feel very proud of the difference you have made!

Actions really do speak louder than words. 
Tino pai - all of you! 

Koka Sue

From Nellie & Leilani


  1. Wow this is great Jo Kingi this is a lot of teams. We had Halloween on Wednesday and I went to shantytown in Greymouth.

    1. Kia ora Baillie

      Yes we certainly had a lot of teams planning and working towards our Open Day at Hamanatua. All the teams did a fantastic job! Wow - Shantytown is a very cool place. I went there years ago and really enjoyed panning for gold. What did you do at Shantytown?