Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Turanganui Kapa Haka Festival

Tu mai ra ngā tamariki o te kura ō Wainui ...

Today we performed at the Turanganui Kapa Haka Festival.  We have been preparing for this event for the past few terms.

We looked and sounded AWESOME!!

Room 1 Students ready to take the stage!

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Take your marks, get set, GO!!!!!!!!

Wainui Beach Schools' Athletics Day - 

  1. the sun is shining - check!
  2. sun block and hat - check!!
  3. water bottle - check!
  4. positive mind frame - check!
  5. Ready to have FUN - check!!!!!

We are ready!!!!!    Something new this year - 

                     HOUSES:  Kowhai, Kahurangi, Kākāriki, Whero.

                   We came to school donned in our House colours.

The day started with track events - 50m, 75m, 100m & 200m sprints; heats then finals.  After lunch NUI syndicate rotated through field events - high jump, ball throw and long jump.                                                                                          We all had a great day - awesome participation and heaps of smiles:-)

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Open Day at Hamanatua - Actions Speak Louder than Words!

We are off to a rolling start for term 4!!  The weather was spot on for us as we headed down to Hamanatua for our Open Day.  It was great to see whanau and friends come along to share our Learning Journey.

Each work team stood and shared their part in the Hamanatua Inquiry - everyone did a fantastic job of sharing their journey with this project.  Ka mau te wehi!!!

It was wonderful to receive so much positive feedback from visitors.  Here is an e-mail from Koka Sue ...
Kia ora Koka Jo and Room 1!

I was so glad that I came down to the Hamanatua Stream yesterday and that I caught most of your presentation. WOW - I was absolutely blown away by your confidence and the knowledge you had acquired from your Inquiry learning. I loved the way you had obviously engaged with the community and that your voices are being heard not just locally but at regional council level too. 

You spoke as experts and it seemed like everyone was involved. Walking around the area I thought Hamanatua looks great! The pamphlet was fantastic as it made me think back to what it was like before...you must feel very proud of the difference you have made!

Actions really do speak louder than words. 
Tino pai - all of you! 

Koka Sue

From Nellie & Leilani

Monday, September 24, 2018

"Yeah Boi!!" "Yeah Breather!" Team YELLOW Rock WBS!!!

The 'Gizzy Hard' Duo, Amy and Stu,  stopped in at WBS this morning - 

Woohoo Team Yellow!!!!

Room 4 students have been making miniature houses and invited Stu and Amy along to judge them. Nui syndicate classes gathered in the hall for the announcement of the winning house and for a Q and A time with Amy & Stu.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

A Surprise Visitor to Room 1 MAYOR Meng Foon!!!

As you already know, from previous posts, our Inquiry focus has been Actions Speak Louder than Words and our class has been planting native trees, weeding, mulching, water testing Hamanatua and making signs for our plants down at Hamanatua.

Today was supposed to be our Open Day down at Hamanatua to showcase all our mahi we had done there BUT due to the rain, sadly, we had to postpone - so we were quite disappointed.
We had settled in to our daily routine getting on with maths when Koka Nolian arrived at the door with a visitor.
To our surprise Mayor Meng Foon was standing in our classroom!  He had gone down to Hamanatua to attend our Open Day and when he saw there were no kids there he thought he would pay us a visit.
Mayor Meng stayed and talked with us about our mahi down at Hamanatua.  He was very interested in our project and shared his thoughts about why our project was so important for the environment and for future generations.  He is looking forward to attending our Open Day next term:-)
What a great start to the day after all!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

WBS Talent Quest 2018 . Wow! Amazing! Talented! A few words to describe the performers at our talent show today!

The annual Wainui Beach School Talent Quest was held yesterday. There were .21 performances and they were all great!!  There were gymnastics routines, band performances, soloists - singing, pianists, dancers (Can't Touch This!!), Jump Jammers and Motorcross Movies.

Below are the Room 1 performers...

Buddy Classes Weave Together.

                    A whatu pōkeka is a baby blanket.  Feathers are carefully woven into the inside to provide warmth, comfort, security and refuge from the elements.
The pōkeka takes the shape of the child as they learn and grow.

With our buddy class, we shared our thoughts about how we know we belong at school and what makes us feel valued at school.  We recorded our responses on the feathers and together wove our whatu pōkeka.